Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions applicable to access and use of this website.

  • • In order to purchase lottery tickets through our platform the user must be a Sri Lankan Citizen aged eighteen or above.

  • • The user must possess a valid National Identity Card number to get registered in our system.

  • • Winning Solutions Holdings ( Pvt ) Ltd is not responsible for any errors which the customer makes when entering Identification details to the system. The customer is responsible for providing the complete and accurate identity card number.

  • • Prizes below Rs 100.00 will be added to a winlottery Personal wallet. When the customer is buying lottery tickets again, the amount for lottery tickets will be charged automatically from this personal wallet. If the customer does not have sufficient funds in his personal wallet to be charged automatically for lottery tickets, then that amount will be added to the mobile phone bill.

  • • Prizes ranging from Rs 100.00 to Rs 100,000.00 can be transferred to customer’s personal bank account or received through mobile payment systems.

  • • Prizes above Rs 100,000.00 should be obtained through NLB.

  • • Customers should bear the cost of bank charges and other additional charges when Cash prizes are transferred to their personal accounts.

  • • Prize earnings are subject to government taxes.

  • • Customers can subscribe for one lottery or multiple lottery. Subscription, one time purchasing charges, mobile provider’s convenience fee and relevant taxes will be added to the phone bill. Winning Solutions Holdings ( Pvt ) Ltd will not refund.

  • • Maximum number of tickets can be purchased per request is 10.

  • • Cash prices added to the “winlottery” Personal wallet can be kept in such personal wallet for a period of one year from the date of remittance. This personal wallet will expire and funds therein shall be forfeited, if the customer does not use this account within a period of one year.

  • • In an event where a customer gets registered using his ID card number and a corporate phone number or a phone number which is not registered under his name, and wins a cash prize, Winning Solutions Holdings ( Pvt ) Ltd will not be responsible and interfere in any legal dispute which could occur between the two such parties. In such an event, Winning Solutions Holdings ( Pvt ) Ltd is not liable and will not assist any party in any way.

Winning Results

All subscribers will receive notifications regarding winnings for each lottery purchased via SMS and Web Application after NLB releases the official results.

Winning Prizes

Amount Payment Type
Rs.100 & below Added to the customer wallet.
Above Rs.100 & below Rs.100,000 Add to bill, Bank Transfer or mobile payment method.
Rs.100,000.00 & above Through NLB.